Friday, 12 April 2013


Things have fallen apart in the home of star actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry as she is said to be battling to save her marriage after her husband,Lanre Gentry finds out about her adulterous attitude.
The sad story had reached Mercy’s husband of over 4 years that the sexy actress was having an extra marital affair.
The story goes that on different occasions, Mr. Gentry has been hinted about his wife’s sexual romps with other men; he initially did not believed it until he caught his wife red-handed recently.

It was on Sunday, April 7th, 2013, the venue was Troy Lounge in Ogba,Lagos where the fair-skinned actress was hosted by Sola Fajobi,the producer of Next Movie Star and Super Mom.
The very grand affair was witnessed by dignitaries which also had showbiz stars both from the movie and music sector. As to be expected, they all converged to mingle, network and broker one or two deals among themselves.
While this was going on, Mercy had other plans.
According to Stella Dimokokorkus,”slightly before the show ended, Mercy just vanished and everybody started looking for her including her hubby,Lanre.
After like an hour or so, the hubby forced the MC, Soji Omotayo to announced that he was looking for his wife and when that didn’t work, he stood up with a fierce look and began causing a scene…when it was obvious he meant business, they later took him to a room where his darling wife who has arrived the venue in a short black dress had changed to a night gown.” Stella Dimokokorkus squealed on her blog
However, what the gist merchants fail to disclosed is whether Mr. Gentry caught his wife,Mercy pants down making love with her secret lover or not.
The melee according to eye witnesses attracted other patrons of the Lounge who were amazed that a star some of them adored and looked up to was actually the one misbehaving.
Since the incidence, things have not been so rosy between the couple
Our source further disclosed to us that Mercy’s efforts to mend the fence with her husband have not produced the desired result.
We hear that the talented actress has resorted to moving from one location to another as much as she can, until a solution can be found to the festering crisis.
We will keep you posted on developments on the sex romp.     

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  1. Saving a successful wedding is always tough. Need a lot of mutual efforts.


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