Sunday, 12 May 2013


In the year 2011, star actress, Kate Henshaw walked out of her marriage of over 12 years to Roderick James Nuttal.
Though a rancor free separation, it took everyone by surprise and confirmed that only few Nollywood actresses can keep their marriages.
And again, the shocking news is coming barely six months after the actress was serenaded by her estranged husband to a lavish 40th birthday party at The Civic Centre,Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos.

So many factors were given for the development then.
And again, the reason for the breakup is controversial.
Whilst Roderick James Nuttal’s friends accused Kate then of her high profile lifestyle, Kate’s friends say Nuttal has a boring husband.
Then, Kate has a crowded schedule, hopping from one location to another across Nigeria and clinching various endorsement deals here and there, Rod too travels a lot globally.
While there are those who say Rod may have become tired of Kate’s high profile, party going lifestyle which sees her hanging around many celebrity men, some others say Rod’s attempt to curtail these excesses led to the collapse of their union.
There were also allegations that they were both unfaithful to each other while the marriage lasted.
However, with the latest development; it seems the talented thespian has managed to pull out of the shock and effect of her crumbled marriage.
Those who are close to the sexy actress have not only confirmed that she has had some affiliations with different men after she parted ways with her estranged  husband, but has also been spotted in company of wealthy and good looking dudes at one point or the other.
Few days back, she was spotted with a gorgeous dude at Shoprite, Ikeja.
It was glaring that there was more than met the eyes in the way the two behaved and it is only the blind that would not conclude that the two of them have one or two things in common.
Insiders equally revealed to that the Nollywood icon has tactfully unveiled the dude to her close pals as her fiancée.
Kate’s dalliance with the handsome dude has helped revived her confidence, groove, and natural endowment which it seemed her marriage to Mr. Nuttal had robbed her of.
More on this later.


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