Monday, 24 June 2013


On Saturday, September 25, 2010, young and petite Chidinma Ekile became the first female to win a music reality show competition in Nigeria in the 2010 edition of the MTN Project Fame and has since been a celebrity.
This Imo State born singer, grew up under very strict Christian parents and became very involved in the church choir at age ten.
The Jankoliko singer started her musical career with the good girl attitude, she felt that she had a name to protect and detested getting involved in anything that will tarnish that name.

However, with the recent development, it seems the sonorous singer has broken the jinx and joined other controversial babes in the showbiz industry.
Friends of the talented singer for some time now have not been speaking well of her.
The other day in Ikorodu, some of them were lambasting the Kedike crooner over what they called her “Shakara” attitude.
They are complaining that Chidinma who use to worship at Foursquare Gospel Church, Living Spring,Ota Ona, Ikorodu before she shot into limelight these days hardly pick her friends phone calls, no matter what you are calling her for.
Some aggrieved members of Foursquare also alleged that months back, precisely December; they invited her for a youth program tagged “Swagger Nite”; but she turned down their invitation saying they should contact her manager if they want to do any business with her.
Chidinma is so full of herself; she doesn’t care about other’s people’s feelings”, one insider tells us.
Can you imagine a girl we voted for to win MTN Project Fame; telling us to see her Manager and reach compromise before she can attend our program. That is absolutely ridiculous.” The source squealed.
Further digs by us revealed that Chidinma has become so scandalous that her activities are becoming very embarrassing to her parents, friends and even members of the church here in Lagos.
This is because, everything about her now oozes sex, as she has transformed to someone who does not believe that there are appropriate cum moderate outfit that will still present her as the sexy babe.
She’s bleached her skin, and has also joined the partying and clubbing culture.
The source further disclosed that lately, she’s been conspicuously missing church events/activities and tends to find solace in hanging out with Lagos Big boys.
Yours truly was also informed that Chidinma is not bothered one bit over the disclosures about her new lifestyles and has been going about her life, enjoying life to the fullest.
                                                  CHIDINMA AND ADAMS OF SOUNDCITY


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