Sunday, 2 June 2013


Central Bank of Nigeria Governor,Sanusi Lamido,is in the centre of a storm which was brought about by his alleged illicit affair with a married woman,Mrs. Maryam Yaro.
As the story goes, the CBN Governor, who is very influential, had embarked on an affair with this woman who happens to be an assistant director and subordinate to him at the apex bank.
The only problem was that both the Governor and the lady in question are married, with kids. sources said that, in the course of the affair, the CBN governor became so enamored with the lady that he spared no effort or expense on her.
Those in the know said that Mr. Sanusi spoiled his paramour with cash and gifts. This may have led the woman’s husband, who lives in Kaduna, to start suspecting his wife.
He knew that he could not afford to give his wife the things which she now had, and complained about his predicament, according to our sources, to several people.
From what could be pieced together, careful surveillance was placed on Mrs. Maryam Yaro, which yielded fruit when it was confirmed that she was indeed having an affair with the CBN governor.
Mrs. Maryam Yaro was allegedly reported to have been part of most of the trips of Mr. Sanusi whose penchant of anything in skirt is legendary.
Sources claim Sanusi and Maryam attend events and keep odd hours based on this arrangement.
Source disclosed this development is an ‘open secret’ among Sanusi’s close knit friends.
And it is fast becoming a common knowledge in the social circle.
Their love nest we gathered is the governor’s unnamed Hotel in Abuja.
They have been sighted together at some private locations in the city.
They were sighted together recently at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos  on the night of February 28, and the love birds rendezvoused in the hotel till Sunday 3rd of March 2013, when both of them returned to Abuja.
Only time will tell if our randy governor and adulteress director will survive the looming turmoil.
We will keep you posted on developments on the sex romp.


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