Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Report revealed that Award winning film maker, Kunle Afolayan and his younger brother, Aremu , are at loggerhead.
Snippets have it that the blood brothers don’t see eye to eye again as they are involved in a personality clash.
Sources attribute this development to Aremu’s controversial lifestyles.

Kunle is said not be comfortable with Aremu’s lifestyle in and out of public eye.
Findings revealed that Aremu’s penchant for mature women is one of the reasons the highly revered film maker is angry at him.
Another major reason pointed out by gist merchants is that Aremu failed to complete successfully his first degree all in the name to attain stardom.
It’s more messy and dirty than you think”, one insider tells us. “They aren’t on talking terms, it’s that serious. I doubt they want to see eye to eye anymore, at least for now”.
The source further disclosed that,” Kunle believes that Aremu’s lifestyle is dragging the family name into disrepute because he lacks contentment and want to be comfortable no matter whose ox is gored” The source squealed.
The insider alleged that Aremu loves dating older women and dupes them under the pretence of marriage.
The diverse opinion between the brothers on the issue erupted in a war of words recently.
And this adamant still upholds the tension between them.
Reacting to the report, Aremu said;
“(Laughter) Yes. The rumour was right. But we have made up.
The issue was based on love.
He was angry with me because of my lifestyle. He felt I wasn’t serious. It’s normal for every aspiring person, who deserves the top to do some things. And he was not too happy about that.
I am the Black sheep of the family not because I smoke or indulge in crime but because he felt I wasn’t serious and that I wasn’t focused.
But I love my family. He said I didn’t go to school and I said yes, but thank God the story has changed now. Yes, I didn’t go to school but it won’t stop me from getting to the top.
Definitely, I can’t be a successful armed robber but a successful producer and actor.
So, yes, we quarreled but it was a fight for success.
People still believe I am a Gigolo but I am not because a Gigolo can’t be broke.
Some people do not understand what Gigolo means. I beg for everything but I don’t steal.
When I beg and I get the money, I don’t waste it on frivolous things but meaningful projects.
 My relationship with mature women is normal. It’s my taste and what I want.
A Gigolo lives primarily on women but I don’t because I have a thriving career.
A Gigolo will hide his women but I flaunt mine, so what’s Gigolo in that?
Kunle Afolayan got wind of the stories and he was mad with me but we have sorted things out”. Aremu divulged.
However, insider insisted on the fact that the blood brothers are still walking on egg shell around each other over the issue.
It would be recalled that weeks back, Aremu acquires Bentley Continental. He also got a Mercedes Benz GL 450 last year.
                                                  AREMU AFOLAYAN

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  1. Stupid mofo he almost duped my fwend and she's a young lady not some stupid old women


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