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Every woman needs a few pieces of great jewellery in order to complete an outfit. Of course buying good-quality jewellery usually means making an investment, but there are also other ways like checking out pawn shops or even free-classifieds websites where people who are either in need of money or simply are not into those kinds of items anymore sell theirs for much less than a jewellery store. Great jewellery ranges from the simple to the elaborate and with this in mind, here are seven wonderful pieces of jewellery that I believe every woman should own.

A Pair of Diamond Studs
If you have pierced ears then a pair of simple medium sized diamond studs are a must. Such classic earrings can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your outfit. They also look great on women of all ages, meaning that if you purchase a quality pair in your twenties, you’re likely to still be wearing them with pride in your seventies!

A Pearl Necklace

A beautiful pearl necklace is another piece of jewellery that every woman should own considering the fact that you can purchase them in such diverse lengths and shades meaning that you will almost certainly find the perfect necklace for your individual style. Once again, a classic pearl necklace is ageless and can look as gorgeous on a young woman as it can look elegant on an elderly lady.

A Beautiful Watch

Not all woman wear watches but by purchasing a beautiful and classic design you will almost certainly be a convert. A great watch can really complete an outfit and add a touch of elegance or individuality in an instant. Watches also range greatly in terms of cost meaning that you will be able to find the piece that works for both your style and your budget.

A Gold or Silver Bracelet

A simple gold or silver bracelet tends to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. If you have darker skin then I would recommend investing in this jewellery box classic in gold, whereas if you have been blessed with fairer skin, then silver, or even platinum, tends to be the better option. A simple band with perhaps a few of your favourite stones truly is a must-have piece.

A Simple Stone Ring

A simple ring in either gold or silver featuring your favourite precious stone is always a great edition to your jewellery box. Consider your birthstone, a pearl or a diamond in order to add a little effortless sophistication to your wardrobe.

A Pair of Hoops

A pair of simple gold or silver hoops looks great on all age ranges and can really add that wow factor to your outfit. Just remember not to go too big as this will reduce their wearability in the years to come.

By investing in these pieces of jewellery that every woman should own you will find yourselves making some wonderful purchases that will stay with you and bring you great joy throughout your lifetime.

Article by Mary Davis

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