Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Have you noticed that these days’ more and more celebrity marriages are crashing like a pack of cards?
If you haven’t, take a second look at many of the celebrity marriages we know of and see how many of them still stand. Whilst some have become glaring that they have crashed, others are still patching things up, as per what is left of their marriages.
It is so sad that everywhere you turn; you are hit with one sad story of one failed celebrity marriage or the other.

And the more worrisome thing is that it cuts across all ages from that of the Silver spoon kids who married 3 to 5 years ago, to big celebrities who have been married for over 10 years.
As you this, the marriage between Hip hop act, Kcee(Kingsley Okonkwo) and Ijeoma Okonkwo(Nee Oduah) has crashed.
Those in the know say Ijeoma is now separated from her husband.
She is reported to have endured his unfaithfulness lifestyle before their ill-fated marriage crumbled.
During the subsistence of the marriage, Kcee the Limpopo crooner was allegedly engaged in several questionable activities like having extra-marital affair and when Ijeoma questions his activities he becomes physically abusive and threatens her life.
However, close friends privy to the genesis of the turbulence that rocked the marriage for months, maintained the relationship developed hiccups shortly after their wedding ceremonies.
Our source revealed that, irresponsibility and infidelity had characterized the union and when it’s obvious it’s getting out of hand, Ijeoma, could not bear it anymore. Therefore, she decided to leave the house for her husband. exclusively gathered that Ijeoma’s grouse is premised on the suspicion that the famous singer is savoring a juicy romance with another lady called Claudia.
Findings revealed that the lady in question is a Daughter of a billionaire Sheik from Dubai, who already has a baby girl for him.
It was further alleged that Kcee met Claudia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), during his 2009 world tour.
And hitting their secret romance off from the world’s tourist haven, the product of the unholy affair is three-year old girl they allegedly named Latasha.
Claudia is said to be one of the major reasons Kcee has made U.A.E his second home.
In fact, there is hardly any month he does not visit Claudia for the sake of the baby (Latasha) he loves so much, our source squealed.
This, we were told, has posed a serious threat to Kcee’s marriage.
Kcee and his wife, Ijeoma have a serious misunderstanding now. I learnt the lady is accusing Kcee of double dealing with another lady and this has constituted a serious threat to the marriage he is nurturing with Ijeoma.
I learnt that when Ijeoma was hinted of Kcee’s unholy affair, she warned him and he pledged to turn a new leaf. But the reverse was the case.
I learnt that this may have affected their marriage.
They’re now trying to get it resolved but that has not materialized”.
No one could have predicted they would not last for three years when the romance that led to the marriage started. It was duplication of Romeo and Juliet, they hardly left each other.
They attended parties hand in hand.
It would be recalled that Kcee proposed to Ijeoma in 2010 in a hot air balloon in Dubai.
They had their traditional wedding in Anambra and court wedding at Apapa registry.
They have 2 kids which they have in quick succession a boy and a girl.
Unconfirmed report revealed that Ijeoma is currently hibernating in Germany where she’s cooling off the tension after she also finds out that her husband is still having it good with his former fiancée, actress Ebube Nwagbo, whom he dumped unceremoniously for her before they walked down the aisle.
All efforts to reach Kcee to confirm the story proved abortive as he did not pick our call.


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