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One thing about Prophet Elijah Iretiola Ajanaku, the General Overseer of Christ Revival Victory Chapel International and Gospel singer, Tope Alabi’s spiritual father death is the fact that a lot of mysterious stories have surrounded his passage in the past one week.
The mystery surrounding this light complexioned Prophet has rattled his family members and followers.
As at press time, the cause of his death was still unknown as everyone is still in shock.

Ajanaku, known for his flamboyance and elegance, was said to have been sick for almost two months and taken to his home town for treatment.
This development, learnt was the reason he was not present at the church’s anniversary which took place on 18th of July 2013.
During the period he was sick members of his church were told that he had travelled abroad to rest; before he finally gave up the ghost on early morning of Sunday, 18th of August 2013.
Before his death, the late cleric was Tope Alabi’s spiritual father until they both parted ways in early 2013 following claims of sexual harassment.
When the going was good, Prophet Ajanaku’s name has been a dominant feature in most of the eight albums which the multi talented Yoruba Gospel artiste has released since her 1996 debut with “Baba Iwo La Kepe”, and followed by platinum selling album “Oore Ti O Common” in 2001.
If you are useful to someone’s life and he/she understands the effectiveness of your impact in his/her life, he/she will definitely tell people about you.
I’ve never for one day told Tope Alabi to sing about me in her albums. People might be taking it to the canal level, but it’s not so.” The cleric once squealed when he was asked why Tope Alabi can’t record an album without heaping praises on him.
Both met 11 years ago when the artiste was invited as a guest minister to Christ Revival Victory Chapel International.
According to close sources, Tope was looking onto God for the fruit of the womb then and God finally answered her prayers through Prophet Ajanaku. And ever since, the artiste and her husband have remained staunch members of the church before they left the church unceremoniously early this year.
While some felt Prophet Ajanaku death might be a spiritual attack, some think the controversial Prophet faced an “uphill battle” for an undisclosed illness.
His last interview with City People Magazine, the Gbongan, Osun State-born man of God open up for the first time on his mysterious powers and why people fear him because of his spiritual powers.
According to him;” I learnt 7 different trades before I became a pastor. I worked as a driver, I was a Vulcanizer, I learnt the business of auto spare parts.
My boss at the auto parts centre sent me away because I wasn’t educated. His fear was that I didn’t know the various parts off hand.
There is a woman in my extended family who was a prophetess. I used to think she is fetish and a witch. She predicted several things that came to pass in my life. She specifically instructed that no one should beat me or bully me. I took advantage of that and made my peers to wash my plates.” The cleric divulged.
Prophet Ajanaku further said;” A lot of people who know me believe I don’t have a life and I am mysterious. People run away from me claiming I am too mysterious (laughs).
I think the reason is that I am too blunt and I say things as they are.
I remember during a crusade at Abeokuta, Ogun State where I preached against witches and Wizards. A lot of them were concerned about what will happen to me during and after the sermon but I am alive.
Even my wife has asked me several times to tell her who I am that she will not tell anyone. I laugh whenever she tells me that” The cleric squealed to City People magazine weeks back
It would be recalled that the late cleric rose to fame when he became the spiritual father of Tope Alabi.
He is survived by an aged mother, a wife, Joy and two children Stella and Apotieri.
His remains has been deposited at the Ministry Mortuary,Yaba, Lagos.
In related news, we learnt Tope Alabi has been running from pillar to post to protect her image.
Since news hit the town that her erstwhile spiritual father was allegedly a member of Ogboni fraternity and Oro cult.
The report trending on social media revealed that 27 Ogboni fraternity members of Gbogan town stormed the deceased home and practically took over to perform the occultist funeral rites/ritual as is common whenever any of their members die.
Because of the sensitive nature of the issue at hand, the singer has avoided anywhere public of late because of the press.
Tope Alabi’s profile as a reputable gospel artiste is fast going with the wind with public disclosure of the happenstance.
Some people are of the opinion that if a man she waxed eloquent in songs praising “The God of Iretiola Ajanaku” is alleged to be a cultist, what is the tendency that she has not been initiated into the kingdom of darkness.
But concerned friends of the sonorous singer waded into her defense; saying that Tope discovered some weird stuffs about the late cleric and decided to quit his church which later degenerated into a messy fight.
They also refer us to the interview Tope Alabi and her husband granted E24/7 magazine weeks back on why they dumped the controversial Prophet.
Excerpt from the interview below.
There is this disturbing news going around that you have deserted Prophet Ajanaku's church and left him unceremoniously even though he has done a lot for you?
 You see, if not that it's you, I won't talk about this. The truth about the issue is that, since four years ago, God has been revealing some things to me about the church and even people have been leaving his church en-masse for the past seven years because different strange things have been happening.  We have actually seen a lot of things. When I first met him, that year something happened, but because I liked him and was willing to help him, I stayed. I know how I met the ministry then and how it is today. I have made a name then but it was in 2006 that people started hearing his name in my records though he said that he has been my spiritual head for the past twelve years. He says a lot when he is on the altar and he even embellishes the story, but I just look at him without saying anything.
You mean he has not been mentoring you for the past twelve years?
It's not up to twelve years at all! I used to attend the Mountain of Fire Church, but I also visit his church once in a while and minister for free so as to attract more members to the church. My husband and I have made all our contributions to the church. Even all the concerts that have been organised in the church and the last one, it was my husband that organised it. We've been involved in bringing so many big artistes to the church. But what really pains us is that, this is a man who likes to fumble and make too much noise about himself as if he is God.  He always tell the congregation that he's next to God; that he sees God everyday and that he talks to God anytime he likes. You know words like that. And if not that I really respect E24-7 MAGAZINE and like to read it often, I wouldn't have said anything about the issue because I have promised myself and my God that. Some other media houses have tried to reach me before to know my side of the story but I kept mum and never said anything to them. Some of them cajoled me to talk, saying that I ought to respond because of all the things the prophet has said about me.   But since I refused to talk on the issue, they went ahead with what they heard from him. You see, one thing I know is that when God's judgment has come to prevail in any matter, it will be in the presence of everyone. I don't want to talk now and it may seem like I'm being vindictive because people may say that, after all we were together before, and why am I just talking now? But when God reveals the secret, everyone will see what is actually happening.
 My new songs Agbelebu and Alagbara that I have just released; he was saying he is the one I used the album to abuse publicly but I was still in his church when I recorded the songs. He said it was because I left his church that my car was stolen. Meanwhile, my car was stolen on the 25th of December and I left his church on 1st of January so what is he talking about?  Less than two years after I met him, there was a day he came to my house. Not long after he left on that day, thieves came to rob me and carted away all my belongings, but I didn't speak to anybody about it then. I believe God knows us all and knows what our thoughts are. Whoever is lying, God knows. And if truly, he was called by God, it's known to God. The time I ought to spend to better my life, I used them to serve him because I believed that I was doing it for God.
He said he's the one that composed your hit songs for you?
I thank God I got my inspirations from God even before we came in contact, and I never went to him for songs. If truly, he is the one that composes all my songs, then why will he say that Agbelebu and Alagbara hurt him and are very painful for him to listen to? I have said it severally that if it was after I knew him that things changed for good for me, or that he was the one that gave me my shine and glory, then let's leave everything to God because the almighty God is there and never dozes. If you like sir, interview him and let's hear what he's got to say again but that doesn't change anything. He has said so many things to the media; I read it when he said it was because I committed adultery that he sent me away from his church, and in another magazine he said it's because I spent the offering money. Another report said I left his church because he organised a concert and I wasn't there.
When your husband heard or read the adultery story, did he complain?
My brother, you see me, see the mess o. Let's just wait and watch. God knows about everything, but for us, we do not have anything to say. We don't want it to seem like it was when we left his church that things scattered in the church. He can't be behaving childish and then we also join him in his childish ways. We won't trade words with him. Leaving one church to another shouldn't be a big deal.
But he said he will welcome you back to the church if you wish to return, that he didn't send you away?
Not in my life will I return to that church in Jesus name. I made the mistake of my life by attending that church before, and now that I have left, I can never go back again. I tell you, when people heard that I have left his church, they were just congratulating me. Well known men of God have called me on this issue we are discussing my brother, they really congratulated me for leaving the church. Some even confessed that whenever I came to minister in their churches, the spirit of God directs them to me on the matter, but they did not know how to broach it with me because of the love I had for his ministry. During my stay with him, he never showed me anything other than prayers and fasting that we believed in. He never showed anything fetish to me so I wouldn't know if he's got any secret.
And you really projected him and the church especially in your songs?
I tried my best and did what I ought to do. Even if it happened that I committed adultery as he claimed,  and that was why he sent me  away from his church, why should  he go to  the press to nag and rubbish me, not minding all that I have done for him in my life.  If I was broke but he needed money, I would suppress my own needs and see to his own without thinking twice.
But he said you've never helped him financially before?
Ahh! But I tell you, I cared and catered for him and his family. Even all the rich men I knew and introduced to him turned their backs on me. It was when all these issues came out in the open that they started calling me back and some of them told me a lot of what he told them about me, tarnishing and rubbishing my image, but I told them to leave everything to God to judge.
You've decided not to talk, but there are many insinuations and they are damaging?
He didn't damage anything my brother; since everything belongs to God, he didn't damage anything.
E24-7 MAGAZINE also spoke to Soji Alabi, Tope's husband and producer. Read on:
What do you have to say about these allegations against your family by Prophet Ajanaku?
Sir, is there any big deal that someone leaves a church for another?  But since Tope left his church, it's as though he's doomed and it's not supposed to be like that. Everyone has got his or her own ministry and Tope Alabi has got hers too. I believe anyone that is called by God should face his ministry squarely without looking up to humans, but God. People go to churches to serve God, and not because of any artiste. We left him because of our own ministry, and I think if truly, he has got God's calling then he shouldn't be shouting Tope Alabi's name to the world claiming she left his church unceremoniously and stuffs like that. God doesn't fail his own people, so I believe truly if he was called by God, it is God also that will stand by him without fear or expecting any favor from man. Since January 1st, 2013, that Tope Alabi left his church, he hasn't stopped saying it to the world, an action which I count to be joblessness. Since the news has been going round, we just decided that we won't talk to any media about it. The Yorubas say, if a lie travels for 20 years, one day the truth will surface and the world will see it for what it is. We've done what we can for his ministry and if he doesn't appreciate everything we've done, then its fine and okay, but we've done ours for God.
But he said you took that decision because he has raised another artiste?
How can Tope Alabi be jealous of an artiste who nobody even knows yet? Everybody has his or her own time to shine, and they all differ in glory. At this stage of her fame and career, Tope Alabi cannot obstruct anybody from shining.
He said you don't allow other artistes come to the church?
It's a lie! We've taken many artistes to him like Biyi Samuel, Paul Play Dairo and others. And do we even disturb any artiste not to make it?  In our own little capacity, we've helped many artistes. I even have many artistes under my record label and sometimes, Tope sings part of the songs in their albums so that they can be popular. As for me, I feel all those magazines have collected money from him to write all those negative things about us and I believe one day, their eyes will open and they will see the truth. We've done many things for the church; we served that ministry with our lives. If not that it's you, we have decided not to talk to any press man at all. I'm sure that all those journalists writing trash about my wife have collected money from him, but I'm consoled by the fact that their eyes will be opened to the truth soon.
 So which church do you attend now because people will want to follow you?
We are yet to be members of any particular church, but we are always busy ministering from one church to another. We left his church to face our own ministry and not because he raised another artiste. Nothing like that! We are not fighting him, because one should not fight Ministers of God. 

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