Friday, 27 September 2013


Dayo though to many people has not declared her status to us after she parted ways with her ex-husband, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, the member of the defunct Plantashun -Boiz better known as Blackface. But there has been rumour that both are planning to get back together.
There are two separate versions of the reason the erstwhile lovers of over 8years marriage collapsed.
One has is that Dayo moved out of the home when the music act could no longer fend for them.

Another account has it that Blackface questionable activities like smoking weeds, infidelity and irresponsibility put paid to their collapsed marriage.
Latest gist about the erstwhile lovers has it that Dayo has started sending emissaries to Blackface to help and forgive.
Close sources revealed that Dayo’s love for the “Hard life” exponent is increasing day by day, and she is focused now on Blackface’s new projects.
They now talk more often on the phone and as well see each other at will” squealed an insider.
Some close associates of Blackface hinted us that Dayo has been paying unscheduled visits to Blackface’s home.
We also gathered that she has been going round to Blackface’s close friends and family members, trying to win back their favors and they in turn have been putting pressure on the young man but we hear that he is being very careful now so as not to make the same mistake he made before.
Further digs by revealed that Dayo’s new disposition towards Blackface might not be unconnected to the fortune that smiled on the prolific songwriter recently.
We learnt Blackface just signed a N52 million naira deal with franchise Events Limited.
We gathered that the deal also includes a car and a house.
This we learnt may be the reason Dayo is hatching a grand plot to get back into the good books of his ex-lover, Blackface.
It would be recalled that months back, Blackface opened up on why his wife abandoned him.
According to him,” Nothing really happened. The fact is just that when a man is going through tribulations, not every woman will stand by him. But It’s good, I ‘m trying to start my life all over again” Blackface squealed.
But with the latest speculations about the couple, fans are waiting impatiently for them to announce their reunion.
Their marriage produced 2 children (Caroline 8 and Alex 6) while it lasted.


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