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They are colleagues but not best of friends. And Stella Dimokorkus and Linda Ikeji are two of the shining bloggers, who have won the loyalty of large number of ardent fans.
Interestingly, if the lamentations of the close allies of Stella are anything to go by, then, another supremacy battle is rearing its ugly head.
The bitterness has degenerated into incontrollable crisis between the influential bloggers and their disciples.

The brewing cold war between Stella and Linda is said to be not unconnected to the recent report credited to Joy Isi Bewaji, formal Assistant Editor of Genevieve Magazine, comparing the success story and achievements of the duo.
According to the report, obtained by, Joy Isi Bewaji said
'Like a woman stunned by her own lack of sophistication- even with all the necessary materials and resources at her disposal, she is unable to achieve finesse and that… je ne sais quoi; so is Stella Dimoko-korkus who reigns as ratchet queen of gossip.
Whilst Linda Ikeji was modelling and trying to figure out what form and shape her blog should take; before she made her first naira, Stella had been in the gossip scene. She had her own rather popular column in Encomium magazine- grumpy, grimy and cantankerous; she fed the people with mostly half-truths.
Linda, however, redefined what gossip is today in the Nigerian scene; and sincerely, stole all the business and followership from Stella who is headstrong in running her blog like a market rumble, where fish sellers and ogogorobuyers meet to rant and laugh incoherently over insignificant issues, hoping to give weight to nothing. Stella has built her empire on poor research and fact-finding; like a beer parlour under the tree she helps her “friends” solve their, again, insignificant fights without any prior knowledge or interest on how to get the truth.” Joy was quoted to have divulged in the report.

She further said

Linda’s blog is swimming with advertisements, and although Stella had claimed once that she does not need advertisement money to run her blog, which is rather comical when you give it a thought; she enjoys the gossip life way too much to ever turn it into something sensible enough that can take care of bills (yea, we believe her!).” Joy fumes.
Www. Juicygists.blogspot. com gathered that close aides of Stella Dimokorkus are said to be accusing Linda of sponsoring the write-up  considering the fact that the writer of the supposedly article Joy Isi Bewaji is a very close pal to the Ikeji’s family.
Now, I learnt they have drawn the battle line.
I think it’s high time the elders in the entertainment industry waded into the matter before it gets out of hands” the source spined.
It will be recalled that Stella and Linda Ikeji has been at cold war for some time now over who is superior and whose is better among other things, the fight got messier weeks back when the duo are both claiming that they used their blog as a platform to shot Pela Okiemute, Naija skin bleacher to international prominence after he was featured on international  news portal “ MEDIATAKEOUT”.
Reacting to the whole brouhaha on her blog, Stella Dimokorkus said
I proudly say it now that I STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS defined entertainment gossip with my column which started many years ago in Encomium mag,most of the popular websites including the one mentioned in this story gained their platform with most of my soft sell breaking stories, and that was at a time when i didn't have Internet presence and was just comfortable doing my thing as a print personality,heck i didnt even know the importance of having online presence. I don't seek fame already have it,i don't scramble for money, it is at my disposal am not itching for adverts, they are slowly coming in.......i am a happy person, content with what life has dished my way and that is all that matters!

Whoever wrote this report, you praise others with lies but your website has zero
Try to get a life and next time when you are doing a report, like you accuse me try to investigate the report and have your findings well before hitting the send button
.” Stella fumes on her blog
All effort to reach Linda Ikeji to hear her own side of the story proved abortive.
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