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This topic has been one of argument between fans/followers of showbiz practitioners/ Business moguls, E-Money and Don Jazzy.

The argument has centered on who is the real “DOROBUCCI”.

What is Dorobucci? Dorobucci is a street parlance used in describing a money spender, cheerful giver and someone that loves to flaunt wealth.

Dorobucci is a baller, very influential, a philanthropist etal.

For those that have been keeping tab on Don Jazzy and E-Money lifestyle in and out of showbiz industry, you will noticed they have something in common.

They are rich, famous, suave, stylish but above all, they have the charm that people find irresistible.

Although these two moneybags love to keep it low but like the saying goes “A golden fish has no hiding place”.

For sometime now, there has been serious controversy between the followers of these rich dudes on who is the real Dorobucci.

Your number one entertainment news portal, www. hereby brings to you the 2 notable moneybags rocking the showbiz scene at the moment.


Business mogul/ Boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited, Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-Money, is the elder brother to music star, Kingsley Okonkwo, the Limpopo crooner.

E-Money is known in various business circles.

Not many people can identify him as the man who is one of the biggest players in Nigeria’s shipping, Oil and Gas industries and he is also the C.E.O of Five star Music that produced artistes like Kcee( The Limpopo crooner), Harry Song, amongst others.

He is obviously a quintessential unassuming multibillionaire who shies away from publicity.

He has got a lot of money to throw about and he sure knows how to spend it noticeably which usually makes him a centre of attraction at any event he attends.

One of the reasons why E-Money is loved by club owners, is because he drink only exclusive Champagnes and if he decide to hang out at any club or lounge on the Island, he usually pre-pay and pre-order nothing less than 20 bottles of exotic Champagnes, and his presence in any club usually attracts a lot big babes to his table.

E-Money owned a magnificent mansion in Omole Estate, as well as state of the art wonder wheels.

He is quite coordinated, as he steps out with style and panache.

On a couple of occasions, E-Money step out with custom made outfits and his kind of swagger and attitude radiates only class.

A couple of weeks back, when E-money presented Kcee with 2013 Benz G-Wagon as Birthday Gift valued at over N20,000,000 million naira, tongues got wagging to the source of his wealth, but www. gathered that he is a young entrepreneur with vast investments and business in various sectors.


Many people who know celebrated music producer and the brain behind Mavin Records, Michael Collins Enebeli, popularly known as Don Jazzy very well will easily confirm that he is very shy but easy going. But aside those characteristics, Don Baba J as is fondly called when it’s come to business ideologies and practicability is a genius.

Apart from making good beats, Don Jazzy has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is a man that is worth his onions in terms of publicity.

A master at his game, Don Jazzy has not only taken the showbiz sector by storm, but now occupies a large chunk of cyberspace in Nigeria as he has become the kind of social media in the country.

He has become a colossus of sort in all social networks available on the internet.

When world acclaimed media titan, Forbes Magazine listed Don Jazzy as one of 40 African Most Powerful Celebrities, it was on account of the impact he has made in the music scene in Nigeria.

Don Jazzy novel ideas of giving Airtime Recharge Cards, I pads and Money to his followers has earn him more respect  and made him more popular.

Whenever his presence is announced at any event, babes go wild with excitement.

Don Jazzy is one of the biggest Endorsement Stars in the Nigerian Showbiz, thanks to Telecommunication giant MTN, Samsung, Loya Milk amongst others.

He also has D’Banj, Kanye West, Beyonce, and Jay-Z on production credits; not forgetting the world class studio valued at over N30, 000,000 million naira he owned in Lekki.

Don Jazzy owned state of the art wonder on wheels including his newly acquired Porsche 911 Carrera(484,000 dollars-N13,440,000 naira), Black Cadillac Escalade ( $ 70,000 dollars-N11,200,000 naira) Black Bentley Continental Flying Spur( $ 185,000 dollars-N 29,600,000 naira), Range Rover Sports ($60,000 dollars- N9,600,000 naira) amongst others.

Don Jazzy has many business interests including Mavin Records, Oil and Gas Company called Mavin Energy Limited, etal.

Although Don Jazzy has faces an array of critics severely from haters who think the source of his wealth is questionable based on his flamboyant lifestyles but that has not stop him from soaring like a bird in the sky.

However, based on the profile on these 2 prominent moneybags, WHO IS THE REAL DOROBUCCI?

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