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Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli can be described as paragon of beauty coupled with good shape and stunning look.

In fact, the delectable mother of three kids is one of the actresses whose passion for the job has without mincing words brought her to the limelight.

The happily married actress is one of the very few scandal-free thespians the industry boasts of and has remained so overtime until very recently.

www. gathered that the beautiful actress caused a bit of stir recently at an event.
The occasion was the screening of her movie titled “Being Mrs. Elliot” at the President Villa Banquet Hall on Thursday August 14, 2014.

We learnt the actress wore a sexy dress with a plunging neckline.

Although she did get much attention for it, making heads turn and getting second looks.

However, hardly the photos from the private ceremony hit the blogospheres that reactions started emanating from all angles over what many termed her new indecent dressing which isn’t akin to her lifestyle.

A peep into the wider spectrum is obtainable in the reproduced brouhaha that raged within virile blogs and social media forum.

You go before the president flaunting your breast madam married ashy. Nonsense. Can't u learn from Rita Dominic ?that lady know how to keep her respect and dress appropriately. You only went for runs jor.

Useless woman see what she wore with all her boobs exposed, to a place like this

WTH?? To say I'm disappointed with this lady is an understatement! I'm highly embarrassed!

What was she thinking that she had to dress like one local prostitute to such an occasion? Was she planing to seduce them?

And she is married with 3 Children! SMH

Omoni when I heard d rumor I didn't believe but now its confirmed! See married woman! Tueeeh!!!!!!!! Ashawo! Continue!!!!!! Ur breast outside! U disgust me! U don run errand, wash plates finish for emem isong u don tear eye! Fine u no fine.....

Ashawo wifey!                     
I hail you o!
Used to be a fan till I saw this pic- shame on you madam.

First opportunity to meet Mr president and present yourself as a serious minded producer and you appear as a desperate woman with ulterior motives.
What a shame.

Won't be surprised if I hear you're divorced tomorrow - that's how it starts- the poor husband will begin to have politicians defile the sanctity of his marriage

Omoni this is so cheap nah , this woman finally disappoint me ... Btw will her movie premier prevent or cure Ebola virus?

What a misplaced priority from GEJ ... God why only Nigeria with this 3 serious issues ; GEJ, BOKOHARAM and EBOLA ?

Omoni's dress is very inappropriate. Her husband should be very careful this woman is doing strong runs with the big bosses.

Yes premiering her movie @ d villa is a gr8t 1 but hey! Whats that dress? She should av been naked instead cos that thing u called a dress is bet off on a street gurl... did she go there to advertise anyting? 

I av gr8t likeness for Omoni but this dress is a no no for me really on a married and we'll respected actress like her it's a capital NO pls

This clearly shows that indecency is in all of them. .....married or single. ...

This Omoni that talks like she is clean,see what she wore,how can you be going to meet these men who are hungry for flesh and you go naked,why did she bother too cover her upper body? There is no need now,she for kuku go Naked.shame on her...she went prepared.

She obviously went there to seduce uncle Jona...ashewo kobo kobo...

Mama peace where are you???...

Once a hoe always a hoe...notin cn change her slutty attitude...

So, while the nation is in turmoil and crying out against the plenty hashtags we have, our dearest President was watching movie and staring at Omoni's breasts?! How insensitive could they be?! 

Look at they way they all gathered to watch film. I wonder what kind of strings she pulled or who she knows to have gotten all these people together to watch film while there is fire on the mountain. Deep fucking sigh!

I dont understand why Omoni Oboli (a married woman) should wear that to the State House. Is she still married??? Why on earth wud she wear that revealing dress to the state house with all dese politicians that chase women alot. What was her aim? Where dere any other decent evening gowns to wear? Isnt it honourable enough for a married woman to cover up these days??? Didnt she see Omotola that dresses so well when it has to do with govt.??? If u ask me she looks really desperate especially with knowing the kind of society we are in. In d U.s its no big deal but in Africa and in Nigeria it is.

Nnamdi your wife is slowing loosing it oh do something.

So disappointed in you!! U dressed so cheaply and have your self away in front of these old useless men! Oh and is even more demeaning to think you are greeting The President of our 'great' nation wit one hands and two open breast with all your attention divided all over the place! 

Heck he deserved to be reverenced! But I don't blame u either! Is Gej and his clueless team I blame for bringing the office of the presidency so low!

Nollywood runs women, tufiakwa, no decency an d 2 think dis is someone's wife, I pity ur hubby cos una go soon divorce

It could be Hubby sanctioned the outfit. Since he graduated from Uni Ben he has not really put his Optometry course to use . They fooled around abroad returned and his cousin Obi Osotule opened the door. Poverty is now slowly becoming a thing of the past. The issue now is where does Nnamdi draw the line. He is clearly carried away and is allowing this hunt for wealth lead them astray. House in VI is not procured after 3 years of acting. I dey watch!

Some women are just a disgrace to womanhood. Must you bare your chest to get a contract from the president?

Why can't you just dress modestly? Please can someone explain why women cannot not cover up?

So amidst all the problems that Nigeria has, Mr President and his fellow dignitaries still find the time and reason to attend a movie viewing. It is crucial for them to do so if the movie was titled "Emancipation of Nigeria- based on true events" but then again what do I know...

Further digs by revealed that the light skin actress is one babe who has formed alliance with top politicians. Her first step was said to be with Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan and she has in different times described her relationship with him as that of father and daughter.

Close sources divulged that when things weren’t going as plan between her and Gov. Uduaghan, she rearranged and directed her attention to the presidency.

Her dalliance with the presidency we learnt paved way for her .

However, the actress in question has kept mum over the issue.
More on this later.         

                                                  OMONI OBOLI AND FAMILY


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