Friday, 3 October 2014


It seems star actress Ini Edo will not find peace for now as different tales are told of her by the day, some true and some very fantastic to be believed.

Shortly after news broke that her marriage to American based businessman, Philips Ehiagwina has crashed due to irreconcilable differences, many fact findings tales about the Calabar- born actress have been unearthed, if our usually reliable source are to be believed.

According to source, in the last six years there had been allegations of the actress being promiscuous.

Informants explained Philips was regaled with tales of dalliances with this and that personalities by his wife and unable to bear continual staying together as man and wife, precipitated to their breakup.

Philip actually walked out of the union due to pressure from his family’ says an insider.

Ini’s inability to conceive after six years of marriage also contributed to the collapse of the union.

Ini who was able to win Philip from his first marriage to Ruth Okoro, we learnt is also a club and booze freak, others says Philip’s attempt to curtail these excesses come up against a brick wall.

Although these allegations were variously denied, many believe they helped sow the seed of discord that eventually broke the once enviable union of the couple which had endured an appreciable period of six years.

Further digs by us revealed that Philip too is guilty of what he is accusing his wife of.

We learnt his prowess with women is legendary.

He chases anything in skirt.

This act we learnt also help contributed to the collapse of the union because for years now, the couple have been living as lodgers based on this immoral act exhibited by both parties.

Insider squealed that the need for Ini to protect her ego made her took to social networking site,Twitter to claimed that she’s seeking for divorce and at the same time denied the cheating allegations leveled against her.

It would be recalled that Ini Edo and Philip Ehiagwina tied the nuptial knots in 2009 in the United States of America after their traditional marriage in 2008.

How long the status quo stays, remains to be seen.


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