Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Although it was a thing of public knowledge that Boss of Kennis Music, Kenny ‘ Keke’ Ogungbe and controversial hip-hop artiste, Kelly Handsome were at loggerheads for sometimes now, not everybody is aware that the duo have settled their differences.

According to the information gathered by, they settled their rift few months back, and have left the trenches, opting to give peace a chance.

According to sources, the hitherto warring showbiz personalities are now friends, after a bitter fight.

Allegedly locked in a show of ego and supremacy, Keke and Kelly’s feud lasted for over 5 years and was only resolved few weeks ago.

Confirming the good news, an insider who prefers to remain anonymous revealed thus:

“ Kennis Music and Kelly Handsome have finally settle their differences.

I learnt Kenny Ogungbe has even given Kelly release letter that will enable him to release an album and more also, Radio and Television stations can now be using his materials on air” The source squealed

The talented artiste who hails from Imo and Ogungbe have been at daggers’ drawn for almost five years over allegations by the former that his contract terms were not being fulfilled.

The singer also claimed then that his grouse against Ogungbe actually stemmed from the label’s stance that his critically-acclaimed and controversial debut, ‘ Maga Don Pay ‘ was not a success.

But after much pleas with Mr. Ogungbe from Kelly Handsome’s people, the duo decided to sheath their sword, agreeing to rekindle the flame of their once enviable friendship.

Further findings by revealed that Kelly Handsome has started his own record label, ‘ Maga Music ‘ and also drop video for his latest single ‘ Baba Olowo ‘.

It would be recalled that sometimes in 2012, Kelly Handsome vowed that he and his unborn generation would never forgive Kenny Ogungbe for trying to ruin his musical career, but with the latest development, it seems the Maga Don Pay crooner has recant his words.


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