Friday, 28 November 2014


Stephanie Okereke Idahosa is one Nigerian actress that has brought happiness and joy to many movie lovers not only in Nigeria but globally. Since she started out some few years ago, she has shown that with hard work, talent can be harnessed in the right way.

She has interpreted many movie roles that she has lost count.

About three years ago, she veered into movie production and came out with a chart buster entitled ‘Through the Glass ‘and has been getting accolades by the day.

But one thing that her fans have been looking out for has been the cries of a baby in her household after much celebrated marriage two years ago. Her fans have been asking why she and her hubby, Linus have refused to make babies and while some insinuate that she may have problems conceiving, others claim her career may be taking her time and is preventing her from doing what is expected of her as a married woman.
But an insider who is close to the Imo State born actress has come out in her defense to debunk the rumors that she is incapable of getting pregnant and having babies.

According to the insider; ‘In the past two years, Stephanie has been working tirelessly on her movies and other pet projects.

She’s teaming up with some Medical Personnel to carry out repair surgeries for VVF ( Vesico Vaginal Fistula)  victims.

She’s been working day in day out to support the eradication of the deadly disease.

She also produced a movie that centers on VVF Syndrome.

Her latest movie ‘DRY ‘is also due to hit the cinema. And moreover, she and her husband have agreed that it is not the right time for them to make babies.’ The insider squealed.

It would be recalled that Stephanie was once married to former super Eagles player, Chikelue Iloenuosi.
Their union lasted for three year with no issue.

The screen goddess cited infidelity, and treachery, among other vices as the reason she seek for the dissolution of the three-years marriage then


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