Monday, 29 December 2014


They are Nollywood big babes and they have come a long way, with their friendship dating back to when they were still upcoming actresses in Enugu.

Indeed, it was alleged that Oge Okoye was seen as a part of Nkiru Sylvanus's household as she was always a welcomed member of the family. This was the situation until the issue of a Holland based Big Boy by the name, Stanley Duru came into the picture.

According to the gist, Stanley was said to have fallen in love with Nkiru Sylvanus then. The two of them we learnt had a swell time while it lasted but somewhere along the line, her bossom friend, Oge Okoye also had a crush for Stanley and started seeing him behind her friend.

The amorous affair took a new turn when Stanley eventually took the bull by the horn by walking down the aisle with Oge Okoye and the union produced two kids a boy and a girl.

Oge Okoye obviously did not see anything wrong with what she did while her bossom friend, Nkiru felt it was a betrayal of trust.

According to an insider, Nkiri sworn to pay Oge Okoye back in her own coin and promised never to have anything to do with her again despite the entreaties of friends.

However, few years down the lane, Oge Okoye and Hubby, Stanley started having issues in their union.

A reliable source told that cracks began to appear in the marriage following allegations of infidelity levelled against Oge Okoye by her hubby,Stanley.

Oge was said to have decided to walk out of the marriage when the heat from Stanley became very unbearable. She reportedly left with the two kids the union produced.

As the story goes now, findings by revealed that Stanley and his Ex boo, Nkiru Sylvanus are planning to come back together since his marriage to Oge Okoye has crashed irretrivably.

Findings revealed that few weeks back, Nkiru Sylvanus secretly got engaged to Stanley she has been seeing for a while now.

We were told they planning a secret traditional marriage in few days time and only family and few friends will be in attendance.

It would be recalled that before Oge Okoye got hitched to Stanley, he already has a family in Holland.

We shall keep you posted as the drama unfold


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