Monday, 26 January 2015


The reconciliatory move between star actress, Toyin Aimahku and her hubby, Adeniyi Johnson could be coming to a reality if the information at our disposal is something to rely on.

Findings by revealed that since the news of their marriage crisis broke out, stakeholders have reportedly stepped in to effect a fragile peace and prevent total collapse.

We learnt Niyi sent emissaries to the versatile role interpreter to forgive.

He pleaded that his philandering ways was but a devil set out to collapse a thing of joy. Toyin forgave him after he promised to be more faithful and met her conditions on charting a course for a more fulfilled marital live. Part of the condition was total distance from his numerous girlfriends.

Prior to the reconciliatory move, those who know the couple claimed Niyi is constantly linked with young successful women and has been in and out of so many relationships.

He has become a serial cheat, keeping a string of affairs, and even returning to the women he had prior to the celebrity wedding with Toyin in 2013.

An happenstance the Award-winning actress got hold of. Toyin, we learnt felt so bad about the development considering the fact that she is yet to have a child for Niyi as the legal wife.

However, Niyi and Toyin are so much in love that they are willing to make their marriage work.

Further digs by revealed that Toyin prefer her marriage and really concerned about her image because she has invested and sacrificed a lot to make the union work.

Niyi took to social media site, Facebook to confirm their reconciliatory move.

His words read thus:

With the heart of appreciation and sincerity we write: There's no fire without smoke.. for every marriage and journey there are moments of storm, that was our stormy and trying times. The recent event obviously made us know how important our marriage is and that a lot of lives and destiny are attached to ours, we never knew the weight our marriage carried until now, we discovered a lot of destiny and glory hangs on our own... may we not let GOD and you down.... To the bloggers who blogged we appreciate you, u might think you wrote a news but it turned out to restored our happiness and home back so to all the bloggers we say a big thank you. We've learnt our lessons, corrected our mistakes and choose to move on. This event made us know who our friends and well wishers are..

We are short of words and filled with gratitude 1st to our parents, our spiritual parents, adopted parents, friends, colleagues and fanssssss...OMG!!! Our fans you guys are the best... for your calls, text messages, mails, pings, whatsapp messages, facebook comments and messages.... we love you all... the bible says when we pass through fire it won't burn us and through water it won't drown us and whenever we pass through storms it will not over power us(isaiah 43:2-3). may God still all storms in our lives and make everyone happy.... whatever you hear from us henceforth shall be goodnews... we wish you all the best and love you all... ADENIYI JOHNSON and TOYIN AIMAKHU JOHNSON... @aimakhutoyin

It should be noted that toyin and Niyi are still married legally, they are only temporarily separated and not divorced.

We shall keep you posted as events unfold.



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