Saturday, 18 April 2015


If information at our disposal is anything to believe, top comedians, Ayo Makun popularly known as AY and Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basketmouth are not in good terms.

The cause of the rift is being seized and brandished over town as a battle of supremacy.

Information revealed to has it that AY is undermining the person of Basketmouth by claiming not to be in the same category in everything with Basketmouth.

AY felt the massive success story of his annual Easter Show tagged ‘ AY Live ‘ and the blockbuster movie he recently released titled ‘ 30 days in Atlanta’ that is the highest grossing movie in Nigeria at the moment, stand him out among his peers.

While Basketmouth feels AY is overrated talent wise.

However, aside talks of ego, money and power trips, many were of the opinion that there shouldn’t be room for enmity between the highly revered comedians considering the fact that both are doing well in their chosen profession. The fact that outside Nigeria, Basketmouth is more renowned compare to AY, especially in United Kingdom and U.S.A, while AY holds it down in Nigeria shouldn’t be a basis for comparison between them.

But findings by revealed that before the whole brouhaha degenerated to war of words, plans are in place to settle the rift.


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