Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The news brewing right now but being treated in hushed tones is how Ex Beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson got traced to a popular hotel where she usually hangs out with her male lover by her husband close aide.
The sad story had reached her billionaire husband, Sunny Aku that his sexy wife was having an extra marital affair.

The successful 8 months old marriage which has witnessed tremendous accolades, despite the internal squabbles between the couple, finally broke down when the ex beauty Queen reportedly abandoned their matrimonial home on Friday 21st of August,2015 after efforts by her to mend the fence with her husband failed to produce the desired result.

Dabota Lawson and her husband have a serious misunderstanding now. I learnt the man is accusing Dabota of double dealing with another man and this has constituted a serious threat to the marriage she is nurturing with her billionaire husband.

I learnt that when the husband was hinted of Dabota’s unholy affair, he warned her and she pledged to turn a new leaf. But the reverse was the case. I learnt that this may have affected their marriage.

They’re now trying to get it resolved but that has not materialized’. The insider squealed

Digs by www.juicygistonline.com however revealed, concerned friends have waded into the matter and what is tagged ‘a strong move at reconciliation ‘is on.

Insiders further revealed part of the process is the ongoing denial of development by the couple and the inherent discrepancies.

Investigations by www.juicygistonline.com however revealed that the situation is still such that they stay apart.

Different sources however insist ‘ hope of an end to the impasse is very strong’.


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