Monday, 17 August 2015


In this age when it is not uncommon for married people especially celebrities and other high flyers in the society to divorce and go their separate ways, the number of years spent together as husband and wife notwithstanding, ace broadcaster and sports impresario, Charles Anazodo and his lovely wife, Marian Anazodo nee Aurthur recently rolled out the drums to celebrate the 12th anniversary of their marriage which has produced wonderful children.

For the multi-talented sports analyst, Charles who has etched his name in gold in the annals of broadcasting in Nigeria, getting married to Marian has remained a defining moment in his life, given that the marriage would not have worked out but for the tenacity, focus and prayers of his wife in the last 12 years.

Going by Charles and Marian’s vocation as broadcaster of great repute, their duties necessitate them being out of the house most of the time, yet the love birds still managed to cater for the needs of their kids and also keeping the flames of their love burning.

On what has kept the union together in the last 12 years in an industry filled with strings of scandals and divorces, the wife, Marian revealed thus “God first before each other. I choose to put what we have together before any other friendship or relationship.

We are each other’s biggest fans and critics…. Every other voice is on mute. I respect him and am proud of him. My views always count to him… and his decisions I choose to respect” Marian gushes.

For Charles, the success of his marriage is as a result of the undying love he shares with his wife which remains the unifying bond in spite of the pressures, trials and hard times they have gone through together.

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