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The name Adegbenro Oyinade Adebimpe might not ring a bell in the movie industry but she is definitely a star in the making. The sexy and articulate thespian has a unique way of interpreting roles.

After gaining recognition as an actress, she recently joined the clique of actresses turned movie producers and made her first film entitled, Yeye Oge.

 In this interview with the publisher  Akinnagbe Akintomide, the sultry actress opens up on career, relationship and other issues.

    Excerpts below

    Tell us about your Nollywood story?

    Well the urge for being an actress started from secondary school, then I belong to drama and choral group. I enjoyed performing in front of people so I decided to chase my dream. I went from one audition to the other, from one location to the other. Really it wasn't easy but i thank God. I met with my boss Adekola Tijani on a movie set in oyo. I trained under him for a while and later became independent.

During this period, I featured in many movies like Edalonsare, Tantala, Zobomania, 66, Talole, Muniru ati Ambali, Kosofe etc

    What is the latest about your career?

    All glory to God, I just wrapped my new movie titled Yeye Oge. The trailer will be out soonest. Another one coming up soon
    Tell us more about the movie, Yeye Oge?
    Yeye oge Is a modern movie that talks about youth involvement in chieftaincy. The story is telling the elders to make it flexible and accessible for youth so that culture can be passed from us to generations to come
    When will you launch Yeye Oge?

    We are still at the post production stage so I can't say precisely yet but I’ll keep you posted
    How much was spent on the movie?

    Hmmm, I didn't wanna do something big initially being my first production but the story started growing so big but thanks to my boss (Adekola Tijani  and my director (Muyideen Oladapo). I spent over a million naira on the movie.

    Has acting affected you positively?

 Yes, it has. At least that's where I earn a living, though the pay isn't much yet but i can see better days ahead and I also get fulfillment

As an actress, what has been your greatest challenge at the moment?

    Finance, I've so many big and wonderful stories at hand but hmmm

What is the sweetest thing about being an actress?

    Standing in front of a camera is a sweet thing. You know this is something I derive pleasure in doing so hearing "action" makes me happy. Then my loved ones calling me to tell me how happy they are to see me on their TV screen makes me happy

When it comes to fashion, do you have any addiction?

 Not really, I love trendy things, I would've been addicted to heels but I always look too tall since most of my friends are shorter (dont tell them)

How often do you hang out?

Once in a while, like once in two weeks

You have not been linked with scandals; give us a tip on how to avoid controversies in Nollywood?

 I'll say it is very hard to avoid scandal but I just think one should just try to avoid some gatherings in order not to be misunderstood

Who are your close friends in the industry?

Omonike Tijani, Adenike Adeniyi, Oyinkansola Elebuibon and Mayowa Adeyanju

Are you in a relationship?


What would make you quit acting?


What would you like to change about yourself?

I am perfectly made, I love everything about me

Would you marry an actor or a politician?

 I can't marry an actor. Don't get wrong, I have my reason. I would prefer to marry from another field for my children's sake. If my husband (by then) wants to go into politics, I'll support him

People say you don’t mix with your colleagues, is that correct?

 No, just that I always take my time to study people before mingling

 Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years? 

  Hmmm...With God by my side, in the next five years I'll be successful in my chosen field, in my husband's house with my children 


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