Monday, 28 September 2015


A lot of people may be wondering what has become of star actress Susan Peter. For a period of time she was all over the news for one reason or the other but in a twinkle of an eye she went underground for reasons best known to her.

              can tell you for free that the fashionista has been whisked away by the love wind, hence her silent lifestyle at the moment.

Sexy Susan is said to have found love in the arms of a Dutch, Netherlands based guy and is doing everything within her power to nurture the romance which is over 8 months old and maybe altar-bound owing to the commitment and affection coming from both parties.

A source close to the actress revealed to that ever since the actress became engrossed in the romance, she has turned a new leaf and hardly even socializes like her colleagues.

Further digs also revealed she recently travelled out of the country to spend some quality time with the love of her life although we are not sure if she’s still there or back to Nigeria.

We shall keep you posted as events unfold.


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