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Comic actor, Olaniyi Afonja otherwise known as Sanyeri is one of the Nollywood acts who have proved their mettle in the Nigerian movie world.

His acting ingenuity is one of the reasons behind his meteoric rise as an actor, producer cum director.

He started his career in the early 90s and with the roles the Oyo state born thespian interpreted in movies like Muniru and Ambali, Opa Kan, Okola ni America etc, shows that the talented actor is set for higher height.

However, the general believe that the actor led a one woman one man lifestyle is false.

Close source revealed that Sanyeri has a soft spot for fair-skinned ladies and is undoubtedly enslaved to the whims of his rampaging passion that led him into having a child out of wedlock.

His babymama will learnt is Omotayo Jaiyesimi. She was an intern in Sanyeri’s drama group and fellow actor, Adekola Tijani also known as Kamilu Kampo. learnt the affair was meant to be a fling but later culminated into something serious that later produced a baby girl.

Sanyeri whom is legally married to Omolara Olaiya and the union produced kids Olasunkanmi and Boluwatife has once said in the past that no female admirer can take the place of his wife.

According to him ‘no female admirer can take the place of my wife because she was the one with me when I never made any name. Most of these ladies you see around me are doing that because am making waves, that’s why they are on your side. If you’re not there tomorrow, they will all run away. But I believe my wife with whom I set foundation with, will want to remain come rain, come shine.’ The highly revered actor squealed then.

But it came as a rude shock when news surfaced online that he puts another woman in family way.

Recall, Sanyeri and wife Omolara union dated back 11 years ago before they finally decided to consummate their affair on Sunday, December 1st, 2013.

In an interview he granted months back, he recounts how he met his wife.
‘I met her at the National Theatre in 2004.  That was when I had my first movie production, Okan Eni.  After the movie, I saw her standing by a car.  At that time, people were greeting me and saying that’s a job well done. Later, I walked up to her, introduced myself as a movie producer.  That I produced the movie people just finished watching. She shunned me, and that was it.  We met again, three months later and still she did not give me her contact.  But she gave me her mother’s contact.  When I called her mom, she queried me until I was able to speak with her.  That was how we started and here we are today. The comic act revealed
However, further digs by to ascertain whether the star actor is still seeing his babymama, Omotoyosi behind close doors or if there is any plan in the offing later in future to accept her as his second wife prove abortive.
                                              SANYERI AND HIS LEGALLY MARRIED WIFE, OMOLARA
                                         SANYERI AND HIS BABY MAMA OMOTOYOSI
                                                  OMOTOYOSI THE BABY MAMA


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