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There is nothing new again in the entertainment world. What can only amaze people are those that are involved.

Popular Yoruba actress, Lola Alao made headlines earlier this week when it was announced that she’s converting to Islam.

While widely reported in prints and online news portal, there were some certain facts many established news sources shield away from.

Firstly, the actress was a staunch member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Information available to revealed that her conversion to Islam happened after currying favour with Islamic cleric, Adepoju Yusuf Olatunde of Acadip Nigeria.

Digs by revealed that the said Cleric is her Spiritual father and benefactor hence her decision to convert to Islam.

The actress’ spiritual father is described as a Muslim who takes the dictates of his faith very serious.

Insiders revealed that the actress change from been a Christian to Muslim is to show commitment and appreciation to the Cleric for the good things he has done in her life, the action we learnt is said to be paying off.

Although, Lola we learnt chose to keep the news from public consumption but it came as a rude shock to her when the Cleric took to social networking site, Facebook to announced that the actress has taken Islamic lessons and now a full-fledged Muslim.

He posted thus ‘join me in congratulating Lola Alao (A popular Nollywood Actress ). She just took the Kalimatu Shaa’dah from me, and chose the name RHODIAT.
May Allah giver her proper understanding of Islam, and make her well-grounded in her new faith. Al-islam-Amin. The cleric posted on Facebook.

Shortly after the Cleric drops the bombshell, the actress came out to debunk the news.
She said thus: ‘I am a Christian and a full-time member of Redeemed Christian Church of God. I don’t know where that emanated from. I was born and raised a Christian. I was never a Muslim.

That’s all I have to say.’ The actress fumes.

But after a second thought that she might lose all the favor  and spiritual assistance she curry from the Cleric, she admits to it .Lola explained that she has always had ties to the Muslim world judging from the fact that her father was a Muslim.
She posted thus on social media site, Instagram.
 Salaam alykun to all my wonderful friends and fans, May almighty Allah grant u all your heart desires. i just want everyone to know that i was born in to a Muslim home my late father’s name is Lasisi Alao, so i reverted back to my root through Alhaji Yusuf Adepoju (Acadip). May almighty Allah bless him and all my wonderful friends and fans…. Thanks love you all.. Rohdiat Omolola Alao Ajibola.” The actress squealed

Lola is a gullible fellow, a colleague fumes. You can easily know when she wants to eat. She cries the loudest when she is hungry. She dances at her best when her belly is full. She does not know how to call it quit when it comes to eating. That is the reason why she’s involved in all forms of nefarious activities in the industry just to sustain her celebrity status. Don’t be surprise if by tomorrow she comes out again to say she’s now a member of Illuminati. She can do anything to get favors and money .the insider squealed.

It would be recall that back in 2012, Lola became a staunch member of Redeemed Christian Church of God after God used Pastor Kalejaiye to solve many challenges she was faced with.

The actress revealed thus then. ‘There was a time I had problems, I faced a lot of challenges, I went through hell. I was robbed at the airport.
Nobody stood by me.I was owing some people; I had to sell my car to pay some debts.
Even those who knew, who were supposed to be friends were yabbing me behind. I just give God the glory. That is why I keep saying if there is anything that is permanent in this life, it’s change.
I give God the glory. I thank Daddy Kalejaiye.He stood by me.
He was the only person I saw during the trial and my family. He told me it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you rise.
I give God the glory.Daddy Kalejaiye is the best. God used that man for me.He told me,Lola,God has allowed this to happen for you to value him,for you to know his worth.
Daddy gave me 2 keys. He said,Lola I don’t know what these 2 keys are meant for, but take. And you know what, one was for a new car, not tokunbo car. He gave it to me.
The second was for a house. I just thank God and Daddy Kalejaiye.
He has brought me closer to God; God used that man to save my life. These were Lola’s words then.

Lola’s first marriage to Dare Ogunlana crashed in 2008 after accusations of infidelity and fetish acts surfaced.

Her ex-husband revealed thus then ‘I just woke up that morning and found myself in a wedding ceremony with her. I was reluctant initially but I became so helpless and weak to the extent that I couldn’t go contrary to her command.
Since then, I have been in her web. None of my family was there. She’s fetish, she has all sort of incisions(gbere) all over her waist, you can’t  see it unless you look so closely. Dare Ogunlana her ex-husband fumes then on why he parted with her.

In 2013, she took another shot at marriage by getting hitched to Wale Ajibola in the United States of America.

The big question on the lips of everyone now is, does the actress still have more drama to unfold in the nearest future,how will her spiritual father in Christ, Pastor Kalejaiye feel about the latest development?

We shall keep you posted as events unfold.


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