Monday, 25 July 2016


Success comes with so many things, good and bad. For Pop group  P-Square, it has been the two ends of the stick as while their fame is on the rise ever since they debuted in the industry, so are their troubles.

The story in town now is that the popular Hip-Hop group have ended their 9 months rift and this is authoritative.

The duo who for over 9 months now don’t see eye to eye, nor attend shows together following their tiff which led to them deserting the group P-Square coined from their names, a group through which they shot to limelight after they emerged winner of the ‘Grab Da Mic’ competition in 2001, have settled their differences and are an inseparable pair like they used to be.

It took many by surprise today Monday 25th of July 2016, when Peter took to social media site, Instagram to reveal thus:

"My dear fans, P-Square is back. Ours is a journey that started from our mother’s womb. It was a journey that started from Primary School, continued to St. Murumba College, to when we were in University in Abuja. It was a journey in which we shared childhood memories and grown-up dreams. We are back because brothers do not let each other wander in the dark alone. We are back because we have tried the lonely road and it was not the same.
"I want to take responsibility for what has happened and sincerely apologise to you our fans. For supporting us throughout this journey we owed you so much more than what you have had to endure and I apologise for that. We are embarking now on a new journey with exciting new management (Jude Okoye), new music and new ideas.
"We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and support throughout this difficult period. Maya Angelou once said that brotherhood is a condition that people have to work at. We will continue to work on that and you can be prepared to be blown away by this new phase of P-Square.
"God bless you all and be assured that you have not seen anything yet!
Peter Okoye."

Findings by revealed that Peter’s decision to sheath sword and embrace harmony is the fact that since the whole brouhaha started, it has impacted negatively on his career.

In terms of the level of observable activities in the brothers’ record labels; it is apparent that Paul’s Rude Boy Records is more vibrant than Peter’s P-Classic Records. With Paul’s continuous dedication and untiring stance of giving all he has to his craft, Paul’s profile continue to grow in his chosen field while the feud lasted.

Peter was the first to establish his record label when he informally unveiled P-Classic Records in 2014. He made the announcement on Instagram when he revealed that his cousin, Malcolm Obinna Clint Onyeyiri would be his first signee followed by Papi J. Ever since, virtually nothing has been heard of the artistes and the record label. Even the only single ‘Look into my eyes’ that peter released as a solo artiste failed to live up to expectation.

Meanwhile, Paul only signed Muno as his first artiste in January 2016, and he (Muno) already has two songs, and a music video, which was directed by Paul.

The first lady of the label, Lucy, was unveiled a month later, and she already has two songs and also making waves.

It would be recall that Peter had earlier taken to social media few weeks back, warning the general public about doing any P-Square related business with Jude and Paul.

But upon the disclaimer by Peter, Paul and Jude still manages to pull off some major shows including the one that held in Congo few weeks back.

Upon realization that he’s losing out, Peter decided to swallow his pride by apologizing to his brothers and also accepting Jude, their elder brother to continue in the running of their affairs as manager.

More also, for trying to destroy the brand P-Square they used close to 15 years to build, Peter started sending emissaries to his brothers to help beg them, forgive and forget.

Further digs by revealed that part of the conditions given to Peter by Jude and Paul is to tender public apology for ridiculing them and trying to tarnish the brand P-Square. The gesture in which Peter finally summon courage to do.

To fans of the twins who have been continually appealing to the entertainers to reconcile and continue doing their music as a group, this come back is a prayer answered as we learnt they already in the studio working on a new album.



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