Sunday, 10 July 2016


Yeye Oge is a movie that truly depicts the primitive nature of how things are being done in the time past.

It focuses on teaching the next generation the cultural heritage, traditional values and most importantly the societal norms.

The movie highlighted the non- inclusion of today’s youth in the art, culture and custom of the land based on the fact that stringent rules and regulations  binding it therefore making youths lose interest in anything regarding tradition..

The film’s cultural relevance is so profound and its status in the social sphere is remarkable.

As the story goes, Oyinado Town has a tradition of getting a new Yeye Oge install before Gogo festival can hold. The new Yeye Oge will act as an intermediary between the community and the gods of the land.

After the necessary propitiation has been carried out by the Chief Priest of the land, Yeye Oge is saddled with the responsibility of proclaiming blessings upon the land after which a date will be fixed for the Gogo Festival

The Alari’s family are the next qualified in Oyinado town to be conferred with the title, hence Yeye Oge as played by Oyinade Adegbenro was lured by her grand mom to take up the chieftaincy without hinting her on the do’s and don’ts of it, which later precipitated to chaos in the family.

The movie had some weaknesses from cast performances and other technicalities.

Apart from the acting dexterity of veterans like Yinka Quadri, Olaniyi Afonja, Adekola Tijani, Aina Gold amongst others, most of the upcoming actors that starred in the movie lacks depth in delivery of their role. I think the director should have done more on the green horns on set.

Oyinade Adegbenro was star of the movie as she played her role and portrayed her character pretty well but nevertheless, she still needs to sharpen up her acting skills.

On the other hand, Lateef Adedimeji who acts as Yeye Oge’s boyfriend in the movie really tried but lacks finesse and was flat in some scenes.

Again, the scene where Yeye Oge was being crowned lacks depth probably because of lack of crowd. It was not properly plotted. The scene was very non challant and lacks the ambience that comes with a conventional coronation setting in Yoruba land.

The cinematography is nothing less than perfect. The props and lightening are good. The pictures are clear and the sound is good but could be better.

The costume is fairly okay and the soundtrack is so melodious that it will get you glue to your TV set.

Though this movie had some major flaws, but we must give thumbs up to the producer, Oyinade Adegbenro for doing a great job on her first major movie production as a producer.

Ceteris Paribus ‘All other things being equal’, I will still rate the movie 7/10.
                                                        THE CREW OF THE MOVIE YEYE OGE
Producer: Oyinade Adegbenro
Director: Muideen Oladapo a.k.a Lala
Editor: Basit Owolawi
Cameraman: Tunde Ajayi
Lightman:  Tunde Olorinde
Sound recordist: Fatai Babalola
Script writer: Lateef Titilope
Story: Oyinade Adegbenro


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