Saturday, 6 August 2016


Highly revered film-maker and President of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye tells arresting story of his breakthrough that causes uproar at the Redeemed Christian Church of God 64th Annual Convention tagged ‘Amen’ on Friday 5th of August 2016.

In his words:

‘I am Evangelist Mike Bamiloye from Mount Zion Faith Ministries. I have come to give testimony of what the Lord did between last year 2015 convention and this year convention.

In last year convention, we came to camp with a great burden in our hearts. And the burden is, it has to do with the call of God and the ministry God has given unto us which is drama and film production. It has been a great burden in our heart that there is Television Channels for Food, Football, Games and even for animals that you can watch 24 hours.

But we have this burden that we want the Lord to give us in our Ministry and give drama ministries generally and for the Church of God a 24 hours Christian Movie Channel that people can tune into and watch edifying movies 24 hours.

People will call us and they would ask, we have sent movies to TV stations here and there but we need where we can watch for 24 hours for the Church of God and the body of Christ to edify.

So we came to the Camp ground with that burden. On the last day of the Convention, we wanted to go; Daddy G.O said that we’ll have the programme on the new auditorium. We wanted to go before the time, but I told my wife and said the new auditorium; let’s go there again, we’ll pray there again.

So we came to the altar as we were sitting down there, we knelt down and we prayed again; give us this thing.

When Daddy G.O was asking and saying ask God for just one thing, I said Lord one thing we ask from you on behalf of us, on behalf of the Christian Movie Production and drama Ministers is to give us a 24 hours Movie Channel that the Church of God can watch. That anyone from the body of Christ can watch at any time, any day.

And so in Congress, we came again with that same burden and we prayed like that.

Now I want to testify that God answers prayers. In March this year, in telephone calls, we began to make an arrangement with a Television Channel platform and they began to talk with us. It was like a dream, like a joke.

But I want to say briefly that on May 20th, the Mount Zion Television launched out as Africa’s First Christian Movies Channel on Consat Channel 305.

A week later, we got another call and the person call is an international call and he said; is that Mount Zion? I said yes. He said we have read a lot about what God is about to do. He said is calling from TV Afrique in New York. He said we want Mount Zion Television; Africa’s First Christian Movie Channel on their platform.

And so, on June 1st, TV Afrique launched the Mount Zion Television in New York. So it is visible in America, Canada and worldwide wherever the internet is, you can also see it.

And then June 15th, they called again and said we want to make for you a mobile APP’s where anybody can watch Christian Movies on their IPhones, Android. And I was thinking it was going to take a long time but they said they launching

The following week, Lo and Behold, it came forth. So anywhere in the whole world, if you have an android phone, you can download Mount Zion Movies

This is what the Lord has done between then and now. And this is God of Amen and everything we are requesting from him here. He will do it again

Praise Thy Lord: Halleluyah’ he squealed

In a related news, the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye Announced that since the Convention started on Monday August 1st , 2016 till 3pm on Friday 5th of August 2016, a total of 89(Eighty Nine) children were born 53 boys and 36 girls.

On Friday 5th of August 2016 alone, a total number of 22 children were born (13 boys and 9 girls).

The highly revered Pastor, E.A Adeboye also made announcement that next month Special Holy Ghost Service is going to be awesome and the theme is ‘Fruit of the womb’ (No more fruitless effort).

He further revealed that December Congress will also be tagged ‘Complete Restoration’.


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