Saturday, 13 August 2016


Party gal and younger sister to celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, Laura is the latest subject of outlandish lifestyle.

She’s gradually building a name for herself, by leveraging on the influence wielded by her sister, Linda. Her elder sister’s influence as a highly revered blogger is of added advantage that she constantly get invited to come party here and there. reliably gathered that she’s a purveyor of night fun.

The flamboyant spender is accorded ‘ seasoned clubber’ by fellow leisure seeker and she always make it a point to go clubbing with a minimum of two friends in tow. She is reputed to expend between one to two million naira whenever she goes shopping. Also, she spends close to N350 thousand naira when she goes clubbing.

Informants revealed that she gets star treatment whenever she visits any club in Nigeria. An exclusive spot for VIP is said to be on permanent reservation for Laura and friends.

Further investigations by revealed that such occurrence is now tagged ordinary for the obscene spender. She constantly takes time out to relish the night life.

We learnt that when it comes to effects of alcoholic display…. It is generally agreed, Laura knows how not to go overboard.

According to source ‘she has no meaningful visible means of earning to justify her flamboyant spending anytime she goes shopping or clubbing. She practically lives off Linda.

She goes on shopping spree regularly to places like Dubai, USA,UK, etc.

On her clubbing lifestyle, learnt she does it to network.
The controversial lady, whose spending habit causes a stir every now and then, equally attracted controversy for spending on numerous guys. Despite the good life she enjoys- friends serially accused her of ‘going after their men’.

Laura is rumoured to be in a relationship with Kanu Nwankwo’s younger brother, Ogbonna.

Unconfirmed news source divulged weeks back that they are expecting their first child together.

Further digs revealed that Laura is set to open one of the most fashionable markets in Nigeria and it’s tagged’ Fashion Gang’ courtesy of her sister.

In a recent interview, Laura opens up on the benefits of being a sister to a celebrity blogger.

Her words thus:
‘I don’t care if people call me Linda’s sister. The most important thing is I capitalized on my sister’s success. A lot of people don’t. Instead of doing regular jobs, begging for money or doing runs and I capitalized on my sister’s success and its working’. She squealed.
She further revealed how men scamper to her ‘A lot of men give me attention because I’m Linda’s sister and they know what they can get from dating me. She divulged.

The big question now is, for how long she will maintain her outlandish lifestyle remains unknown.


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