Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Today Tuesday December 20th, 2016, popular MC cum Comedian, Oyeniyi Oluwashogo is a year older.

www.juicygistonline.com learnt the Life Coach is not planning to roll out the drums rather, he plans showing the goodness of his heart by catering to the poor and needy.

However, further digs revealed he intends entertaining casual callers in an informal atmosphere as well.

The multi- talented Comedian has carved a niche for himself in the showbiz and entertainment sector as one of the very best in the industry. His record for meticulousness and long-term planning is what has brought him the huge success he now enjoys.

Dr. Shogo understands that in the end, you are measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish. This is why he never leaves anything to chance.

Due to his rugged determinations to help breed new set of leaders in Nigeria, the highly revered Master of Ceremonies came up with a WhatsApp Class Tutorial, to help broaden the horizon of today’s youth. The tutorial is slated for  tomorrow, wednesday 21st of December,2016.

Dr. Shogo has displayed a visible trait of courage and compassion for selfless service to mankind in time past, little wonder he grew to become a rare gem and a foremost role model among his contemporaries.

Speaking with the publisher of www.juicygistonline.com, Dr. Shogo reflects on life, what life has taught him and the vision behind his WhatsApp class.

I have a WhatsApp class on goal setting coming up tomorrow Wednesday 21st of December,2016. That’s how I’m celebrating my birthday. Adding value.

It’s helping people to stay away from New Year resolution but make proper achievable goals. To teach how to set goals and achieve them’. He squealed

He further revealed thus:

New year calls for deeper reflection. Our stay on this planet should not be measured in years but seconds. So we should strive to make every moment count. Become a man and woman of value and bless humanity.

For me, I wanna influence, inspire and impact more lives as they start New Year.

The sole aim of the WhatsApp class is to inform, educate and broaden the horizon of youths.

A life without a goal is like playing football without a goal post, you cannot score. The difference between success and failure is that successful people set goals and met their targets. You cannot afford to approach life casually if not you will end up a casualty.

2017 should be approached differently if anyone wants to see better result different from 2016. ‘He gushes.


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