Thursday, 5 January 2017


Again, there is a buzz around town over the state of health of popular comedian, Julius Agwu.

He is confirmed to be out of the country as a result of medical challenges.

The highly revered comedian, who returned to the country after spending months at a London hospital not too long, was reportedly ferried out back days back.

And according to a source, he had to pull out of major shows, events and engagements to manage the ‘worsening health problem’.

Sources disclosed Julius Agwu was forced to take this measure when his health started affecting ‘expectations’ and his performances at shows.

Investigations by revealed the ill health bedeviling Agwu as ‘grave and requires extensive treatment’.

This latest development as regards speculation on Agwu’s health has become a reoccurring scenario.

It would be recall the comedian survived a brain surgery last year, was later hospitalized in London for a relapse.


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