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Prior to this time, there are serious speculations as regards the retirement of highly revered Clergy man, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God.

It would be recall that shortly after Adeboye’s 70th birthday in 2012, a group of disgruntled United Kingdom based Pastors of the ministry were said to have asked him to step down as the General Overseer.

The Pastors whom we learnt were over 20 in numbers decided that Pastor Adeboye should relinquish his exalted position. Their grouse was that he should let a younger Minister take over the mantle of leadership of the church and take it to the next level.

However, with the latest news making headlines of Adeboye’s retirement and his replacement by Pastor. J.O Obayemi, it seems the soft spoken man of God has finally succumbed to pressure of retirement to let peace reign.

His successor, the newly appointed GO, Pastor Joshua Obayemi was appointed the new GO at the Annual Ministers Thanksgiving at Shimawa, in Ogun State.
The new GO was the former Special Assistant to the General Overseer (SATGO) on finance.

Further digs by  revealed that the plan has been on since 2010 when they encouraged the governing council of the Church to place the retirement age of Pastors of the Church at 70.

 In their plan to enforce this decision, he was made to conduct a retirement service for some Pastors of the Church that were in the range and above at the Redemption Camp on Monday, August 9, 2010. Those retired then included four Special Assistant General Overseer, who also doubled as Regional Pastors.

They were replaced by Pastors E.A Odeyemi Daramola, Dr. Lawal and Obayemi who were Regional Pastors in Jos, Abuja, Ilorin and Sagamu respectively then.
In one of the articles written by Adeboye , it was discovered that he has already written about the kind of retirement he wants.

In this literary work, he well explained how he intends to retire. The article culled from the Open Heavens Annual publication of Monday October 3rd, 2011, Daddy Adeboye, as he’s fondly called wrote thus:
‘‘Sometimes, when I see some of our elders retiring, I shake my head because contrary to what they think, it is only the beginning for them. Retirement actually means more time to pray all night since you are not going to the office in the morning. The greatest literally work done by John the Beloved was Book of Revelation-a revelation he got while banished on the Island of Patmos. If God allows me to retire, I would sit at His feet daily and learn from Him, receive revelations and pour these into books for generations unborn. This way, by His grace, I could produce a book every month until he calls me home.’’  The highly revered Man of God revealed then

It must be noted that sometime in 2016, Pastor Johnson Odesola, Special Assistant to the General Overseer on Administration and Personnel, came in defense of Adeboye. He said the church constitution did not state that anyone above 70 years should not lead the Ministry. According to him, it was wrong for anyone to mount pressure on his principal to step down as the leader of the ministry because of his age.
Whereas the constitution provided that the deputy and assistant general overseers are appointed to retire at 70 and enjoy their retirement benefits for life, there is no such provision for the general overseer,” he stated.
He added that on account of such ignorance even among the pastorate, the governing council had agreed that the constitution should be printed into a book and made available to all workers in the church.
People have papers but they don’t read them. We have a compendium about the day to day running of the church but people just don’t read. The people who are agitating for the G.O.’s retirement because he is over 70 years are ignorant and the Bible says you don’t become foolish,” Pastor Adesola fumes.
Pastor Adeboye whose shepherd ship the Church outlet has grown it from 40 when Rev. Akindayomi died 35years ago to over 20,000 parishes across the world. His sudden retirement is certain to cause a huge shock and palpable fears among their brethren all around the world.

UPDATED just learnt from a reliable source that the reason why Pastor Adeboye steps down as the General Overseer is based on the Nigerian law that came into effect last year which states that General Overseers or head of religious organizations can not seat in office beyond 20years and also forbids them to handover to their family.

The insider insisted that his decision to relinquish the highly exalted position is not due to any pressure. Squealed the source.

However,  Pastor Adeboye explains he retains position of General Overseer Worldwide of Redeemed  Christian Church of God while Obayemi will only act in capacity of National General Overseer.


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