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Who is a Playboy? Why are there Playboys in this generation? The summary of it all is a Playboy is someone who is not responsible, just wants to do relationship-like things with a lady without the label of “dating”, likes to live off women and doesn’t have an apartment or car but attaches himself to friends who have these---reminiscent of TLC’s number one hit single Scrubs”.

Playboys do not want the so-called hassles of a relationship (the responsibilities) but are happy to distribute their third leg around whenever by whomever. A Playboy can have almost 90% contacts on his phone (social media and contacts) as females and will most likely have an archive of these ladies private parts or engages in video calls to solicit for sex. They package themselves very well and you may think he has money but is a broke ass nigga

Almost all ladies have fallen victim to a Playboy or the other. They can show you a tremendous amount of love and affection in a bid to woo you and once they see you gelling for them, they start telling you about their financial challenges and you will be obliged to help them thus starting a cycle of a parasitic relationship that will eventually head for disaster. The lady pays his bills (which he cleverly concocts all manner of stories to make sure the money keeps coming)-he will even pretend like he doesn’t want you to give him money; insisting even, but it’s a clever trick to get you to drop money and all along, he will be giving you the best sex you’ve never had. The cuninglingus you’ve never received in your life is when you will receive it, he phones you and generally shows you love and attention.

But the sad truth is, a Playboy will always be a Play boy except for some Godly intervention. He can never change his ways and why should he-why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free so commitment is out of the question.

Boy meets girl. They hangout a couple of times. They have obviously been doing relationship things and the girl wants more for obvious reasons. The boy will now say he’s not ready for commitment and thus cannot be in a relationship but he likes her so much and enjoys being with her bla bla and of course to hook up.

My dear, sit your ass down and listen up! You do want a relationship. You do want companionship. You do want a babe that can be there for you, that you can chat with, have sex and do all the things that lovers do but without the tag! My dear, this is called DATING so embrace the tag. So if these Playboys do meet a woman who agrees to this arrangement, it usually means the lady in question doesn’t give a damn about you as she has several options. In my head, I can picture the guy saying, “I like you, I want to be with you but am not ready to date.” But the truth is, these guys are scared. They don’t even have the balls to see if the relationship may turn out successful at the end of the day. When did caring and loving someone become a negative thing that many guys shy away from these days? For instance, if you do love to play football, you won’t go to the field to just be a spectator-you will wear your jersey and get on that field and play like your life depends on it. In other words, you will be dedicated to putting in your best. This includes relationships.

Back in the university, it was so cool to date and stroll around the campus holding hands and all. But along the line, relationships got a negative image. People associated relationships with settling down. Nobody wants the responsibility, only the thrills. They however forget that a relationship is a beautiful thing. Imagine making love to someone you have feelings for (mutual feelings) rather than just a random hookup. The way and manner of the lovemaking is usually intense and passionate. You have a man or woman who cares for you, wants to know how your day went, you can only get that love and support from your boo and never from a casual hook-up! Why run away from something as cool as getting that continuous support from your boo? Being in a relationship doesn’t stop anyone from hanging out with friends for boys or girls’ night out, doesn’t stop you from engaging in business ventures or play football or having your own space and freedom. Hell, it doesn’t even stop men (and women) from having a roving eye?

If you do NOT want a relationship, then for God’s sake, don’t even toast her! Don’t do relationship-like things with that person. Why go through all that trouble to chase the lady only to let her go? Why talk/chat/ping her everyday if you do NOT want an emotional connection? Why make love to her passionately and say sweet nothings in her ear that will make her fall for you? Why hold back your feelings if you see that the girl is genuine and her attitude is great and she’s fun to be with and awesome in bed?
At the end of the day, a relationship is a great thing as even an adage says “Two heads are better than one”. Stop being afraid of the unknown and enjoy everything the relationship has to offer. How do you know “The One” when you have not even let go of your fears and embrace this new person? If it doesn’t work out, it’s their loss but being a Playboy will definitely not get you anywhere!

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