Monday, 3 April 2017


Tboss’s ambition to become the next BBNaija winner is soaring.

And this is thanks to her mounting support base confirmed.

Digs by revealed that the Romanian born diva increasing profile is attributed to an arrays of factors conspiring together to shore up her popularity, even among foes. gathered amongst the emerging factors working hand in glove for the soft-spoken diva is the fact that major stakeholders powering the reality show, wants the pretty damsel to come out top. They feel ethical behavior and image is everything.

The analysis is based on her projected image.

Tboss is viewed as a serious minded touch light of her sphere. She has a wondrous image to her credit that can sell any brand. These factors have given her a larger than life image… she currently threaten other housemates” a source squealed.

                            2017 BBNAIJA LAST 5 STANDING (FACTS AND COMPARISON)

                                                            EFE (EJEBA EFE)

Efe is one dude that has is game plan mapped out. From the inception of the show, he has succeeded in creating perception, defining reputation and building trust.

He is playing the poverty and pity card. But some keen observers of the show have the notion that if he eventually wins the price tag of #25 million naira, he cannot attract many brands to himself because of his personality and myopic mindset about affluence. Moreover, what he intends to  offer Nigerian entertainment industry is still unknown.

                                                   BISOLA (ABISOLA AIYEOLA)

Here comes the drama queen. Though she’s quite intelligent but for the fact that she’s morally bankrupt based on her sexual escapades in the house, this has robbed her of her shine to be a winner. As we all know, Nigerians frowns at immorality and Bisola saving grace so far is because she has never be up for nomination.

                                                 MARVIS (MARVIS NKPORNWI)
This is another housemate leveraging on Efe’s popularity to garner more votes for herself.  Her tomboyish nature is really helping her in the game and I think she has a great persona, determined and loyal to her friends.

However, do I think she stands the chance to win, and my answer is emphatic no based on logistics.

                                              DEBBIE RISE (OLUWARISE DEBORAH)

The guitar girl rises above all hate to get to the grand finale. The songstress is the only housemate to survive most evictions against fans favorites. There are possibilities that the underdog might come out strong and pull Donald Trump on us.
                                                            TBOSS (TOKUNBO IDOWU)

The hate/ conspiracy campaign against Tboss by other camps is actually getting counterproductive. It is obvious, and that is the reason why stakeholders’ involved in putting together the show are throwing their weight behind her.

Tboss is a total package and a force to contend with. Top brands will surely want to associate with her because she gat the panache, personality and look that can sell and portray any brand in a positive way.

Aside that, she has a huge fan base and Big Brother Organizers cannot stand losing her at this stage of the competition because she makes the game more competitive and keeps more people voting.

Insider revealed it’s 75 percent certain that Tboss will win the #25 million naira, except of course the irregular phenomenon of ‘unexpected’ factor comes into play and change the shape of things.


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