Friday, 26 April 2019


From the look of things, it seems former member Mr.P of the defunct group( P-Square)doesn't cut across different spheres with his style of music. Peter Okoye with his huge followers on different social media platforms like Instagram , Twitter, Facebook etc seems not to be making headway in his solo career. learnt that after spending over One million, four hundred and sixty thousand naira (N1.460,000) naira on the first, second and third runner up  of  his One More Night Challenge respectively for the promotion of his new single, findings reveal the song is not making wave upon the heavy promotion the song is currently enjoying.

Four days after the release of the much anticipated video, the views of the video is less than seven hundred thousand  on YouTube, while his arch-rival Rudeboy pulls one million views with his new single (Reason With Me) in just 3 days with little or no promotion.There wasn't any challenge to promote the song.

Rudeboy seems to have a strong hold on music lovers, home and abroad , because of the simplicity attached to his lyrics and melodious tunes and has further proven to the whole world that he was the main reason people loved the defunct group" P-Square" and the reason their brother chose him then as the lead singer while the group lasted , which was a good decision by the way.

Revelation about the group came to light during their imbroglio when Rudeboy revealed that the only part Peter take was strictly to dance and  lip sync to his verses in most of their videos which was part of the reason Mr. P was not comfortable with and called it quit then. But with the latest development and observing how Mr. P is faring in the industry currently, it is not hard to point out the reason Jude and Rudeboy restricted him to strictly dance then.

 While Mr. P's focus has strictly been on dancehall music  since the launch of his solo career, that have not be gaining momentum. Rudeboy keeps churning out hit after hit from Nkenji Ke, to Fire Fire, to  Reality,Double Double  and most recently Reason with me. While most of Mr. P's songs like Cool it down, For my Head, Zombie, Wokie Wokie etc have not been widely accepted,  with lesser views on YouTube compared to Rudeboy.
Mr. P also tried to use bots for views on his YouTube page to Promote "One More Night"  video just for bragging right, but he was caught by YouTube algorithms for the auto views he bought and the views were decreased by 100k.  Though that doesn't take away the fact that he's a great entertainer and most of his videos are eye-catching.
Close watchers of the happenstance revealed that the voice texture of Mr. P and his lack of writing skill has been a major factor working against him.

Music pundits revealed that Nigerians have been used to Rudeboy's sound since "P-Square" days and that has been a added advantage compared to the style Mr. P adopted.

Asides the talk of ego, money and power trips, the specifics of the developments that sparked the slightly doused quarrel rocking one of the most celebrated musical group in the country is yet to be unearthed.

Whether the former partners/brothers are attempting to rebuild the  bridge of friendship to work together in the nearest future, remains to be seen.


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